Noticed: Defining Your Style With One Piece of Jewelry Worn on Repeat


It’s something we’ve seen some of our most stylish friends doing lately, whether they’re dressed up or down.

We’re not talking serious bling—that’s not our jam, anyway. We mean muted metals that work with every single thing in your closet and are cut to feel comfortable: necklaces with rounded edges, bangles that gently wrap around your wrists—the sorts of pieces that wouldn’t poke you if you, say, dozed off for a catnap in a hammock. And of course, there’s another benefit: Jewelry gets more personal, more patina’d, the more it’s on. Like your favorite pair of jeans, except you get to wear it every single day.

Constance is wearing our Eyelet Nightbreeze Dress and Thistle Layering Necklace.

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Photography by Angi Welsch.