Madewell + Peanuts: A Match Made in Nostalgiaville


A loyal, mischief-making cartoon dog may not be the most obvious style icon, but after one of our designers happened upon a vintage Peanuts® sweatshirt, we realized we had more in common with the iconic pup than we thought. So we did what any nostalgia-loving team would do: We put him on one of our T-shirts and a sweatshirt. Why, exactly? Allow us to explain…

You can’t deny the power of a signature look.

There’s something to be said for wearing the same outfit every day for 66 years. Ever since legendary cartoonist Charles Schulz first brought them to life in his local Minnesota paper, the Peanuts characters haven’t really deviated from their daily uniforms. It makes a wardrobe feel more familiar, more personal. And considering we’re in denim on every day that ends in “y,” we can relate.

But sometimes you just want one great accessory to mix it up.

We sifted through hundreds of original vintage cartoons from the Peanuts archive in Santa Rosa, California, to find our favorite Snoopy moment: the playful beagle dressed as Joe Cool, his alter ego who first appeared in 1971. How did he “get cool?” Simple. He put on a pair of sunglasses.

There’s no story like a good backstory.

We’re all about timeless ideas that stand the test of time, and Peanuts is our favorite mix: nostalgic, playful and modern. Schulz’s final Sunday comic in 2000 capped off 50 years of original Peanuts strips, and we love that our T-shirt and sweatshirt are just little (wearable) pieces of that history.

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Photography by Jennifer Trahan.