Weekly Roundup: What To Read This Weekend


This week: “best of” lists, a new design podcast, why we record everything and more.

Documenting: This fascinating #longread about GoPro cameras asks: In the future, will we all record everything, all the time? via the New Yorker.

Geotagged: The most common types of pictures taken in the world’s most Instagrammed cities, via CNN.

Podcasts: A new one from Design Milk—candid conversations with industrial designers on why they create and how to be a good human (start with lighting designer Brendan Ravenhill), via Design Milk.

Texting: The period’s going out of style, according to one of the country’s most respected newspapers, via the New York Times.

Lists: Ah, the useful simplicity of “best of” lists. Grub Street’s “absolute best” series (nachos, sundaes, last-minute birthday party spots) is crazy-specific and addicting, via Grub Street.

Word: kairos (n.; Greek): the fleeting feeling of being in the right place at the right time.

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Photography by Tom Neal.