Weekly Roundup: What To Read This Weekend



This week: your summer soundtrack, focusing for one hour, Hamilton poster outtakes, “catching ideas” and more.

Party tunes: Flight Facilities’ hour-long dance mixes organized by decade—one of those things you can turn on and forget (aka perfect for when you’re hosting), via YouTube.

Outtakes: Hamilton posters that didn’t make the cut, explained by the designer, via Bloomberg.

Art: Six installations we’re bummed to have missed at the annual Design Miami/Basel art fair, via Dezeen.

Life hack: From the “work better, not harder” department: the impact of one focused hour a day, via Medium.

Creativity: Visionary director—and twice-daily meditator—David Lynch’s fantastically succinct quotes on staying creative and “catching ideas” (from his even-better book Catching the Big Fish), via The Daily Zen.

Word: estrenar (v.; Spanish): to wear something for the very first time.

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