Introducing Denim Every Day: 24 Completely New Ways to Do Indigo


Sometimes, you hear “denim” and think “jeans.” And while we love wearing them, for us, denim’s way more than just jeans. It’s a way of life. So every morning for the next 24 days right here, we’re reimagining our favorite fabric in totally new, unexpected ways and in places you definitely haven’t seen it before. Get all the details.


First up: We worked with the sneakerheads at Vans and did up their classic Sk8-Hi High-Top in three washes of denim (you can shop it right now here). We believe that denim’s something you can live on, not just in, so for our first foray into furniture, we worked with ABC Carpet and Home on a super-limited-edition run of five pieces. With the candle expert P.F. Candle Co., we captured the scent of freshly laundered overalls. And to create a one-of-a-kind jean jacket that’s truly personal, there’s a chance to work one-on-one with the chain-stitching embroidery collective Ft. Lonesome from Austin, Texas. And with our friends at Goop (yes, GP herself), we co-created something pretty special.

Of course, there’s plenty to wear. We took some of our wardrobe favorites and did them up in denim for the first time ever, including a few totally new pieces, from a duster coat to something the mamas-to-be have been, ahem, expecting…

We can’t wait to tell you even more about each and every one as they launch, but for now, we’ll let the pictures do the talking…

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