Your Denim Horoscope: The AstroTwins on the Right Jeans for Your Zodiac Sign


When picking your next pair of jeans, let your zodiac personality be your guide. We asked identical twins and expert astrologers Tali and Ophira Edut, the AstroTwins, to match up the vibe of our favorite new denim styles with each zodiac sign. Of course, no two horoscopes are alike.

Aquarius: Girl-next-door Aquarius, the year has been intense in moments, and you’re connecting to new parts of your personality—and your wardrobe. Insert newfound rebellious streak here. Swap your trademark blues for an edgy pair of black skinny jeans—perfect for elbowing your way to the front of a concert. And maybe even chatting up the lead singer.

Pisces: Take a breather, Pisces. You are finally settling down after a hectic year. After all the changes—both good and bad—keep your style comfortable and relaxed. Your new groove is decidedly unfussy, so pull on some skinny jeans with a subtly worn-in look and wear them with your favorite sweater.

Aries: You are rediscovering the sweetness of simplicity—which certainly doesn’t mean boring. As the temperatures cool, you’ll feel happiest spinning the classics and getting back to the basics, like the High-Rise Skinny Jeans in clean blue. And remember, it’s totally cool to prefer hanging in small groups over reveling in the attention your sign can often draw.


Taurus: Low-key and practical Taurus, you are having a moment and are ready for something new. Your jeans should be just like you: easygoing but with an edge. Instead of reaching for your signature fit, go for the Wide-Leg Crop Jeans to show the world you’re just as playful as you are laid-back.

Gemini: You are the ultimate cool girl, Bon Vivant, but this year has you stretched a little thin. Let your jeans be a little distressed—not you. Cropped straight-leg jeans with an unfinished hem are as rough around the edges as you may feel, but that’s what makes them so appealing. They’re intriguingly, not intimidatingly, stylish.

Cancer: You are able to spark conversation anywhere. Put that to the test and put yourself out there, either by hanging with a new crowd or going to a party you might be tempted to skip. Transform into a French ingenue in timeless straight-leg jeans. Who knows, you might even discover amour in them.DenimHoroscope_Blog_v3_C

Leo: You are someone who stands out in a crowd. Make sure your jeans have that same flair—or should we say flare? Embrace your creativity in waist-nipping high-rise bright-blue flares and maybe get serious about one of your artistic talents or hobbies. Imagine your name on the proverbial marquee…

Virgo: Who, you, Virgo, practical and predictable? You are busting out of your comfort zone this year. Hello, trailblazer! Make sure your jeans follow suit. Go for the unexpected choice, like a pair of two-toned wide-leg jeans with a dropped hem. Your daring moves will inspire everyone to take a chance on their own dreams.

Libra: You are craving spontaneity. Embrace those warm first autumn weekends in the laid-back High-Rise Denim Shorts. And when you find yourself dancing until dawn or hopping in the car for an unexpected weekend getaway, their relaxed had-’em-since-high-school fit won’t get in the way of your groove.


Scorpio: You are more creatively inspired than ever these days. Pull on some overalls—more pockets equals storage for supplies or an adventurous day’s worth of essentials. Channel your inner artistic muse to see where she takes you.

Sagittarius: You are ambitious. Success is in your crosshairs, so keep up the hustle. Your jeans don’t have to be jeans at all. A denim dress is your new power suit. Wear it to work, wear it to happy hour, wear it on date night. Make it the most versatile staple in your closet.

Capricorn: You are the hardest working sign of all. When was the last time you even took a break? Your jeans should inspire ultimate relaxation. Go for light blue, with no extra frills or details, and try putting your feet up for a change.

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