Oh, Baby: Our Maternity Jeans Are (Finally) Here, Plus Three Rules for Dressing When Pregnant


It may have taken us a little more than nine months, but they’re finally here: It’s a jean! Yep, we just launched four maternity styles. As for the timing, it just felt right—it’s our month of Denim Every Day, when we reveal one new, unexpected way to do denim every single morning. So what’s the Madewell way to get dressed for two? We asked our expert stylists, and mamas themselves, for a few handy rules. Pardon the pun, but here’s what you can expect…

  1. Don’t change your style too much. 

Few things are constant when you’re bringing a little one into the world—least of all that growing bump. One thing you can count on is a style “uniform.” Now’s the time to find four to five key pieces, in styles and shades that make you feel like, well, you—and stick with them. It’s also the time to get a little creative and try rethinking how you wear the things you already love. That boxy shift dress can become a tunic when it’s worn over jeans. The oversized button-down you always borrow from him can start to fit you just right.

At the top, our friend Sarah’s wearing our Maternity Skinny Jeans and Ex-Boyfriend Shirt in Coltrane Plaid.

  1. Buy your favorite jean with maternity tweaks. We promise it’s out there.

One reason shopping for maternity jeans is so tough? They can look so, well, maternity. We reconceived two of our signature fits—our Skinny Jean and Demi-Boot—with a few essential tweaks. Both have stretchy elastic waistband insets with a soft backing that won’t leave painful marks, and we cut them low in front and high in back so they won’t slide down.


Sarah’s wearing our Maternity Skinny Jeans and Courier Button-Back Shirt. (Two-year-old Hallie’s wearing an outfit she picked all by herself.)

  1. Don’t take too much advice.

We know, we know. This one sounds a little counterintuitive, but as any mom can attest, it can feel like everyone’s an expert on pregnancy. Stick to your gut—and to your style uniform.

And a few style tips we learned from our own mothers…

“It’s okay—encouraged!—to wear the same thing every day. No labels. As little jewelry as possible.” —Grace

“Know what makes you feel comfortable. Stick to neutrals. By all means, keep a lint roller handy.” —Jessica

“Ruffles: not always your friend.” —Katie

“Dress for no one but yourself. No apologies.” —Michelle

“Never underestimate what a great tailor can do.” —Jayna

“Hang onto pieces with a lot of meaning. You will miss them.” —Betony

Shop our entire assortment of maternity jeans and see more Denim Every Day reveals.

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