Our Designer Joyce Answers 6 of Your Denim Styling Questions


Last winter, our designer Joyce answered denim styling questions on our blog that came straight from you. The questions were so great—and Joyce had such a good time tackling them—we asked for more this summer. In just a few hours, we had burning denim-related Qs on some major common themes, from the best maternity jeans and petite fits to mixing washes and Joyce’s own go-to pair. We’ll let Joyce take it from here…

@dnischndr: What’s a new no-heels-required fit for someone petite?

Joyce: A classic straight leg. A high rise and cropped hem make legs look longer.

@sarahmleonard: Rocking denim on denim—how different (if at all) should the washes be?

Joyce: Choosing different shades is laid-back and easy to do. Add accessories to break up the blue.

@stellamariabaer: Any denim recommendations for pregnant chicks?

Joyce: A boyjean is comfortable and shows off your shape. We just launched maternity jeans, and my advice is to buy them early (you’ll get more mileage that way).

@delaneybig96: Any new ways to style my denim jacket?

Joyce: If it’s a slimmer-fitting jean jacket, button it up like a shirt. If it’s an oversized jean jacket, wear it over a printed dress.

@sungkeem: What’s your all-time favorite denim piece?

Joyce: Wide-leg jeans have always been my go-to fit. Now, I’m wearing them with a higher rise and a subtle crop.

@coriecartano: To you, what makes denim so timeless?

Joyce: Denim is the only fabric that looks good in any shape: jeans, of course, pencil skirts, shirtdresses, but there’s so much happening in texture too, like unfinished edges and two-tone washes. Nothing breaks in as beautifully as denim.

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