Madewell + goop = The Jumpsuit You’ll Be Living In


Denim Every Day. Three little words, one very big idea. Every morning for the past 23 days, we’ve unveiled one totally new, unexpected denim exclusive online. There’ve been denim sneakers you can only find here and an overalls-scented candle, and we (finally!) launched maternity jeans. And we saved one of the best for last: a laid-back jumpsuit created with our style-minded friends at goop. They’re as obsessed with the small stuff as we are (like choosing the perfect lightweight fabric and adding an easy drawstring waist). We also share a love for less-is-more simplicity, hence the easygoing shape and understated hardware. So how did two denim-loving groups merge their shared styles? We’ll let goop’s Fashion Director Laurie Trott—who, we might add, has 20+ years of fashion-world cred—explain.

One of the many things team Madewell and team goop share is a love of jumpsuits. What makes them so appealing?

It’s a one-and-done situation. There’s a tomboy element to them, but somehow, even the most casual jumpsuit looks chic when you wear it with heels.

What are some styling tricks for making a jumpsuit work-ready?

It’s all about keeping small elements of your outfit polished. Cinch the jumpsuit’s waist, and if it zips or buttons up the front, don’t let it get too revealing. And wear an office-appropriate shoe (Madewell note: We like closed-toe boots in winter, thick-heeled sandals in warmer months).

Especially when it comes to denim, details make a big difference. Which do you obsess over?

It comes down to how hardworking a piece can be, and if it can rotate through your wardrobe as a classic. The wash is so important. If denim comes faded, it has to feel like those jeans really have lived a life to get to that worn-in point. Another detail is cut. The waist should be high enough that it highlights your natural waist and curves.

Besides our jumpsuit love, what else do we have in common?

We really believe in giving a woman the tools—in this case, style—to live in a way that feels effortless, with a coolness and ease. Feels very Madewell too, wouldn’t you say?

We would.

Join our one-piece obsession: Shop the Madewell x Goop® Denim Coverall Jumpsuit.

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