Behind the Scenes on our Denim Forever Tour: Chatting with Indie Band Freedom Fry


Coming to you (almost) live from somewhere between Seattle and Boulder, it’s Freedom Fry (!). The indie-pop band is traveling across the country with the Denim Forever Tour, a denim-recycling, live music, IRL-hang bonanza. We got to spend a little time chatting backstage with Marie and Bruce, singers and guitarists both, about bonding over karaoke songs, their signature outfits and their first musical memories. We suggest setting the scene by playing this blissed-out version of their newest single “Shaky Ground.” Ready? Let’s chat.

You are LA-based now, but where’d you grow up? Was music a part of your childhood?

Marie: I grew up in Paris with American music on all the time. My father was a music freak, and he’d play Dire Straits, Queen and the Eagles on road trips.

Bruce: My parents encouraged music in a different way—by giving me alone time to daydream or teach myself instruments. At home in Grand Rapids, Michigan, I’d blast ’80s new wave on the stereo. That music hit me right in the feels.

Your first musical collaboration was an impromptu jam session. How’d that happen?

Marie: I met Bruce styling his sister’s band’s music video shoot. We wound up playing and singing classic karaoke songs—“Lovefool” by the Cardigans, “Wonderwall” by Oasis—and found a shared musical sensibility.

How would you describe your sound now?

Marie: Indie-pop-folk with a tropical twist. Our new single “Shaky Ground” is a good example.

Bruce: I think “The Wilder Mile” captures our essence. The melody’s bittersweet and walks the line between those genres we love.

You brought the ukeleles, we see. Have you been songwriting?

Bruce: Touring is inspiring, but the constant busyness tends to quiet the creativity in my head. I like to write at home.

Our Denim Forever Tour is all about IRL experiences. What’s performing live like?

Bruce: There’s nothing like the anticipation of a show about to start. There you are, playing a song you wrote on your couch, and now it’s providing the audience with something to dance to.

What’s your signature outfit?

Marie: I call my style retro-chic European. I’m often wearing a short dress and a cool jacket. Accessories are the important thing. Shoes and jewelry convey who you are.

Bruce: A button-up shirt, skinny jeans and classic leather boots or retro Nikes.

We’re (obviously) big fans of denim. Why do you love it?

Marie: I love that the more you wear it, the more you make it yours. It changes on you and fits your body.

Bruce: I live in jeans. Really. I used to sleep in mine in high school. Denim never, ever goes out of style.

Get more Freedom Fry in person this weekend in Boulder, and stream the road trip playlist they made just for us.

And our stops after that:

Chicago, September 10th–11th
Philadelphia, September 17th–18th
Boston, September 24th–25th

Photography by Michelle Shiers.