Our Fall Shoot in Portugal, By the Numbers


One surprise serenade, a 12-hour joy ride, six-pound crabs—go behind the scenes of our new fall collection shoot in Portugal, by the numbers.

We recently took a whirlwind trip to Portugal—where the vibe feels as laid-back as our clothes—to shoot our brand-new fall collection. As we road-tripped from Lisbon to Lagos in a vintage SUV, we couldn’t resist pulling over every so often, like when we saw a field full of wildflowers, which we handpicked for our shoot. OK, we actually pulled over a lot, but the scenery was too beautiful to miss. However brief, the four days—full of traditional fado music, crabs and cliff hikes—were memorable. Here, we break down our shoot by the numbers.


12: hours spent driving from Lisbon to Lagos in an old Citroën Méhari, a vintage SUV once produced in Portugal. The drive should have taken three hours, but older cars can only go so fast. With scenery so lovely, we were fine to cruise easy.


182: the number of steps we climbed down from the top of the Lagos cliffs to the beach of Ponta de Piedade. The only land access to the beach is this super-steep descent—which we only now realize is why most people choose to travel there by boat. And most likely not with a bag full of 14 pairs of jeans.


200: approximately how many wildflowers we handpicked for the shoot. Our prop stylist Brian knew that a florist would be tricky to find on the road, so he improvised. Luckily, the natural landscape made it easy.


1: how many impromptu serenades we were treated to by a fado singer (called a fadista) who strolled by as we posed our Billie Boots—a curious sight, for sure. Though old-school fado music can sound a little melancholy, we found it hard to stay sad in this picturesque place.


6: the weight in pounds of the live crab who paid us a surprise visit during our photo shoot. Well, when your backdrop is the Rio Tejo, you never know who’ll show up.

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Photography by Angi Welsch.