Weekly Roundup: What To Read This Weekend



This week: a stress-relief vending machine, tidy rock towers, the merits of erasing your calendar, a little personal news from us and more.

Sweet suspense: There’s something tidy and calm about seeing rocks stacked into gravity-defying towers, via The Creator’s Project.

Surprisingly not cheesy: This surprise vow renewal (which is making us cry at our desks), via Emily Henderson.

Full steam ahead: Mini trains now deliver books inside the New York Public Library. Mini. Trains., via Mental Floss.

Erase your calendar: Really. And start over completely because your current one’s in your way, via Quartz.

Hues you can use: Blue is the internet’s favorite color (shout-out to denim), via Wired.

“Do you have a quarter?”: A vending machine for releasing anger—pay a dollar and experience the undeniable rush of letting the breakable items crash to the bottom, via Kottke.

Housewarming: A rare bit of personal news—Madewell HQ moved (!) and we’re happy to report the cacti arrived safely.

Word: Yoisho (interj.; Japanese): a word uttered just because; a sigh when flopping onto the couch at the end of a long day.

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