Weekly Roundup: What to Read This Weekend


This week: our latest collaboration really gives back, last-minute Halloween ideas, your favorite new recipe, kittens and more.

Food for thought: Every purchase from our brand-new four-piece collaboration with FEED® provides school lunches to children in need around the world. (This scarf = 68 meals. Dang.), via us.

Last minute: For the procrastinators or the head-to-toe-costume averse: artful (and downright pretty) Halloween face-paint ideas, via Fast Company, 500px and Reifhaus.

Seasonal: This easy roasted squash recipe would be great, say, this Sunday evening (bonus: we tossed in cauliflower on a whim and it cooked up perfectly), via Real Simple.

You’re kitten: Because we’re not immune to the Internet of Cute, illustrations of cats stuck in iconic sneakers, via Design Taxi.

Anti-“How was your day?”: How one family avoids the same old dinnertime table talk with a simple idea, via Dinner: A Love Story.

Word: meraki (adj.; Greek): loving what you do and leaving a piece of yourself in your work.

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Photography by Jennifer Trahan.