This year, we like to think we’ve really got your back—from gifts to buy, to what to wear, to how to make present wrapping not totally terrible. We’re sitting down with our team to glean a little pro advice to get you through the season with flying colors (blue being a nonnegotiable, of course). First up is our head designer, Joyce…

At any time of year simplicity is, well, much appreciated. But it’s particularly appreciated right now when there’s just so much to think about: present finding, party hopping, family gathering, end-of-year work things… And getting dressed shouldn’t be on your list of headaches. No one understands this mission better than our head designer, Joyce. How to make your sartorial life a bit more effortless? She thinks about that. A lot. It was with this question in mind that she approached our holiday collection, along with a few more requisites, fun being a big one and cozy being another, ’tis the season after all. We sat down with her to get her take.


Are the holidays a time to really get dressed up and go all out?

Joyce: Holidays are the time to chill out. I like to layer up and that means cozy but not always over-the-top festive.

What are you liking this season for parties?

Joyce: I’m into unusual silhouettes and mixed textures, like a gold Lurex tank with ripped jeans. Unexpected combinations are so interesting.

What about shoes? Let’s talk about dressing up an outfit.

Joyce: Block-heeled boots feel so fresh and easy right now—so do our velvet Mary Janes. That’s what I love in holiday, more shine, more fun.

What’s the one most important winter accessory?

Joyce: A hat. Even if I’m indoors watching Netflix, I wear a beanie. I love having something on my head. Actually, I love having everything covered in general. I really don’t leave the house without a hat, whether it’s a felt fedora or a wide-brim hat or a beanie. I love them all.


So what is your go-to outfit for a night in? Weird question, right, it’s like, um, pajamas?

Joyce: No, there’s something there. Honestly, I start with socks. I want to feel all cozy. Then, sweatpants. I wear cardigans inside a lot actually. And cashmere socks.

Thank you, Joyce.

Joyce shared all her favorites with us, from party to after party (even if “after party” means your sofa). Shop them all here.