This week: cake and wine pairings, the “introvert hangover,” what saying thanks does for your metabolism and more.

RSVP: Endless mingling and jam-packed calendars are around the corner—enter the “introvert hangover,” via PureWow.

Design: Inspired by Chanel’s spring 2015 collection, the Cook Look Book is the visually striking intersection of couture and cuisine, via Creative Boom.

Thankful for: things that just go together. A nifty guide to cake and wine pairings, so you’re covered whether you’re hosting or bringing something to the dinner party, via Amara.

Music: What listening to your fave holiday album (and anything else) on repeat does for your brain power, via Inc.

Gracias: The science of showing gratitude—yes, even for cancelled plans—and how it makes you happier, healthier, less stressed…via Bustle.

Word: pelinti (v.; Buli, Ghana): that open-mouthed tilt of the head and “aaarrhhh” noise you make after biting into something really hot.

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Photography by Jennifer Trahan.