This year we like to think we’ve really got your back—from gifts to buy, to what to wear, to how to make present wrapping not totally terrible. We’re sitting down with our team to glean a little pro advice to get you through the season with flying colors (blue being a nonnegotiable, of course). Next up is our stylist Lisa with a seasonal style hack you’re gonna want to get in on.

We love a good comeback—and sartorial resurgences are no exception. Even ones like, well, the bodysuit. It comes with some practical considerations we can’t ignore (buttoning, unbuttoning), but those are quickly negated by its inherent solutions (bye-bye, bunching and constant re-tucking; hello, lean, clean lines). One person who has an expert opinion on the matter is our stylist Lisa, who is a fan of the look (no surprise). We sat down with her and picked her brain on all things bodysuit—from the pragmatic to the romantic.


Bodysuits. Let’s talk. Can we ask how exactly to wear one?

Lisa: There’s something so interesting about the pairing of clean lines with the volume of a big, bulky sweater. You can wear one with a shawl-collar cardigan and a pair of jeans. The contrast of wearing something so sleek with something so oversized like a cardigan, it’s very Madewell.

Fill in the blank: My favorite way to wear a bodysuit is _____.

Lisa: Under dresses. Again, the lack of bunching and bulk means you don’t have to fuss with it. And it adds a layer of warmth—which means all your spring and summer dresses get a second life during cooler months.

Why bodysuits now though? What do you think explains their appeal at this moment?

Lisa: There’s a lot of attention on creating a ’70s silhouette—that accentuated waist—right now. And bodysuits show off your waistline. Bell bottoms and wide-leg pants really yearn for a different proportion up top. Plus, we’re embracing femininity now more than ever. The whole “no makeup” thing is everywhere. Women are comfortable looking like women.

And what would you say to someone who is put off by the buttoning, snapping, etc.?

Lisa: Our party line is do what makes you feel comfortable. But I’d argue a bodysuit is a bit like a yoga pant—it feels great on. You stand up and you don’t have to readjust, everything is in its place and looks good. It’s that same sort of “hugged” comfort.

Sold. Thanks, Lisa.

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