This week: shots of the supermoon you haven’t seen yet, our favorite fall photos, a playlist that’s like a back rub for your ears…and a few more fun clicks.

Superb: While many felt the supermoon was a touch disappointing (especially because it was hyped up to be the biggest in past 70 years), these photos make a solid case that from some vantage points in the world, it was truly majestic, via Business Insider.

Reading list: To get into during this holiday weekend—or at least pick up before you hit any travel delays on Sunday—long reads worth your while, via Vulture.

Seasonal: Two friends drove through the northeastern U.S. to photograph the breathtaking beauty of fall. Breathtaking, indeed, via Bored Panda.

Sound on: A playlist of the most relaxing songs ever recorded. To play on repeat from now till New Year’s, via Inc.

Black Friday, our way: See you in stores on Friday, friends, where we’ll be offering free pins with outerwear purchases, free socks with boot purchases and a free tote with denim purchases. Good vibes will also be available (and those are always free), via us.

Word: mencolek (v.; Indonesian): that trick when you tap someone on the opposite shoulder so when they turn, there’s no one there. Aka a favorite move of older siblings the world over.

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Photography by Angi Welsch.