In Defense of: Wearing Flats to the Party


Yes, you can be comfy, and yes, you can look festive (we promise).

If you ask us, the holidays are a time to be comfortable. We’re talking ultra-cozy socks, flannel pj’s, never-leaving-the-house kind of comfort. But more often than not, the holidays are also a time to get festive at a party (or 10). With the invitations piling up and New Year’s Eve fast approaching, we’ve been racking our brains (and our closets) for a new way to celebrate in style—no aches or blisters allowed.

Enter the fancy flat. There’s no denying that flats are currently having a moment. We’ve been noticing them everywhere, so we’ve officially decided that the former unspoken don’t-wear-flats-to-a-party rule no longer applies. A velvet pair with an ankle strap, a tomboy loafer or a sleek slip-on mule all have the power to pull your outfit together seamlessly and comfortably.

So, while dressing for your next holiday party, whether it’s standing for two hours at an office cocktail soiree or dancing into the early morning on New Year’s Eve, leave the heels at home and take your flats out for a well-deserved night on the town. They guarantee you can stay out later, dance longer and perhaps most importantly, leave the Band-Aids at home.

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