Whether you’re saying “so long, 2016” with a laundry list of resolutions or just entering the new year repeating twenty-seventeen every time you write the date, one thing’s for sure: The new year comes with a shift, no matter how big or small. We don’t really buy into the whole “new year, new you” thing, but we do love the idea of “new year, evolving you” (sadly, it doesn’t have quite the same ring to it). And if there’s anything we love evolving, it’s our style. So much so that we found a few friends here at the office and asked them to share what they’re resolving to try—sartorially—in the new year. They shared, they showed, and here’s the thing, they look just like themselves but…refreshed. Exactly how you want to enter a new year: with a few game-changing styles to make up a capsule wardrobe of sorts, things you can turn to in the months ahead and think yesss.


Marie’s signature look is a half-tucked button-down (not surprising, she’s from France, aka the birthplace of “sexy tomboy”). But she’s hoping to give her collared shirts a break for something a little more form-fitting and feminine.

How would you describe your style?

According to my beloved coworkers and American fellas, very French!

How do you hope others describe your style?

I am always very flattered when people are able to say that a piece of clothing or an outfit is “me” or vice versa. To me, it means that whatever my style is, at least I have a defined one.

Your style resolution?

I really want to wear more bodysuits, they’re so versatile and sexy.

Marie is wearing the Demo Henley Bodysuit.



Brooke’s one of those style chameleons who looks good in everything. She really can pull off so many trends from sporty to bohemian to casual cool. Ironically, the one look she hasn’t given a go is one of what we like to call our “denim nonnegotiables.” 

How would you describe your style?

Classic, colorful, polished.

What’s your favorite fabric to wear?


If you could give one piece of style advice to anyone, what would it be?

Be authentic. 

Your style resolution?

I’m going to try new things, which for me means white jeans and distressed denim. I always found clean, dark washes more classic, but lately I’ve been loving the look of white in the winter and lived-in washes. [Ed. note: What took you so long?! (We kid, we kid.)]

Brooke is wearing the Wafflestitch Pullover (and Bleecker is wearing a Silk Bandana).



Our head designer Joyce’s job is trying new trends (well, part of her job, anyway—in addition to 5,874 other things, including being a mom to her one-and-a-half-year-old, Poppy). She is basically the perfect person to ask what looks are worth giving a go. This season? A brilliant layering hack involving, you guessed it, jeans.

How would you describe your style?

Comfortable, consistent, lots of natural fabrics, outfits that can go from supercasual to dressy with just a change of shoes.

Whose style do you admire?

My daughter, Poppy. For her, getting dressed is so much fun. There’s no color too bright, and she loves wearing pom-poms in her hair. She has the best collection of prints!

Your style resolution?

Adding something unexpected to my outfits, like a tied-off scarf or colorblock shoes or furry clogs. Or just throwing a dress over jeans—I always love playful elements you don’t notice right away.

Joyce is wearing the Bell-Sleeve Shirt in Stripe and Langford Wide-Leg Crop Pants.



If anyone on our team has a uniform that we could all describe to a T, it would be Beth. She’s one of those people that has really nailed her look, so we were eager to hear what she was considering adding to her (very clearly defined) mix. What she’s resolving to give a go is something we can really, really get behind.

How would you describe your style?

Low-key, fairly classic and often all white.

How do you hope others describe your style?

Unfussy but thoughtful—like I at least tried (but hopefully not too hard).

What’s your absolute favorite thing to wear?

Any transitional third piece—a leather jacket, a long duster, a sweater-jacket—and all white. [Ed. note: She’s got this look on lock.]

Your style resolution?

To keep things comfortable—from walkable heels to sweater pants—I’m into feeling as good as I look.

Beth is wearing the Leather Motorcycle Jacket, Cali Demi-Boot Jeans and The Lucien Boot.



A native New Yorker, Mollie’s got that practical and stylish thing down that seems to be the hallmark of busy, cosmopolitan women. She’s never underdressed or overdressed and somehow makes it all look effortless (#goals). Her resolution is, coincidentally, both pragmatic and style savvy.

How would you describe your style?

Clean and comfortable.

What’s your absolute favorite thing to wear?

The “Mollie Loves Ca$h” nameplate necklace my husband bought me—Cash is our dog.

If someone had to dress up as you, what would they wear?

Turtleneck, high-waisted jeans, high-tops.

Your style resolution?

I’m going to revive old favorites by picking things from the bottom of the drawer.

Mollie is wearing the Denim Tie-Sleeve Shirt and Wide-Leg Jeans.

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