Weekly Roundup: What to Read This Weekend


This week: “knot” your average art project, 2017 food trend predictions (adobo, anyone?), 7 actually doable work goals and more.

Art: Every day last year, Windy Chien created a new (and remarkably beautiful) knot. Check out all 365, plus some of her just-as-lovely insights, via Windy Chien.

(Food) trends: From bubble tea in 2002 to fancy salt in 2008, the New York Times takes a look at past food trends and predicts some for the future, via NYT.

Nine to five: Grace Bonney, author of In the Company of Women, outlines her seven work goals for 2017, and we’re all ears, via Design*Sponge.

Snacks: TFW you’re simultaneously craving avocado toast and harboring a major sweet tooth. Remedy it with this easy recipe, via Jamie Oliver.

Cream, no sugar: If you’ve ever gotten your coffee fix from a street cart in NYC, chances are you’ve sipped from an “Anthora” cup (yes, it has a name), via Hopes & Fears.

Word: ya’aburnee (n.; Arabic): literally “you bury me;” the hope that you will die after your loved one so that you never have to live without them.

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Photography by Angi Welsch.