According to Joyce: Your Denim Riddles Solved


You asked, our in-house expert and head designer, Joyce, shared her insight. From finding the perfect vintage pair to wearing jeans to a job interview (spoiler alert: it’s possible!), our No. 1 denim crush has all the answers you need.

@RCHEN1030: How do you properly tuck a shirt into jeans without adding what looks like extra love around the hips?

JOYCE: The half-tuck is our forever favorite trick for this. Just slip only the front of your shirt into your jeans for definition without bulk.

@ERINHUIE: How does one wear a vintage pair that’s too baggy in the hips?

JOYCE: My advice is to size up in vintage unless a pair really fits you like a glove. Vintage jeans look great a little oversized and slouchy.

@JULIEBURNY: Is it ever appropriate to wear jeans for an interview? If so, how would you style them?

JOYCE: That’s hard to say because it really depends on the company, but to make it work, wear your jeans with a heel and a silk blouse or tailored jacket on top. Dark washes only, no distressing.

(FB) CAROLYN AMORA: How far above the top of my booties should I cuff my jeans?

JOYCE: You want enough skin showing for it to look intentional. That means at least an inch, probably no more than two.

@KENDALIEBANKS: What can I style my Cali Demi-Boot jeans with in the winter?

JOYCE: I love this jean with loafers or closed-toe heels. A high-shaft ankle boot is great too.

@LGA1919: What is the most flattering jean for short girls?

JOYCE: Almost all! Just have your inseams hemmed (about an inch above the ankle bone for skinnies and about three inches for crops). To add length, high-risers can give the illusion of superlong legs.

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