How to Throw a Gals-Only Fiesta for Your Besties, from Gal Pals (and Biz Partners) Audrey Gelman and Lauren Kassan of The Wing


Your ride-or-dies. A potluck. Sex and the City seasons 1–3. Sounding like the best idea ever? We know, we know.

“Magic is created when women come together,” is the motto of new females-only clubhouse The Wing in NYC. In honor of our Gal Pal Val(entine’s) Party (February 9th, mark your cals), we suggest grabbing some of your favorite women and celebrating. We consulted The Wing founders—and friends—Lauren and Audrey on how to do just that, and naturally, we got chatting about so much more. Listen up: This duo knows a thing or two about throwing an awesome party—the sleepover they hosted to fete The Wing’s launch goes down as one of the most dreamy-sounding events of all time.


Let’s talk gal pals. How do you define a great female friendship?

Audrey: I need my friends to be ride or die, meaning that we stand by each other through whatever. I really don’t care if one of my friends is right on the merits in a fight with someone else, I’ll take her side no matter what.

“Magic is created when women gather together” is a mantra of The Wing. Define “magic.”

Audrey: Solving problems, creating new businesses, forming alliances, standing up to injustice and getting it done.


Lauren, what’s one thing Audrey doesn’t know about you?

Lauren: That I secretly want to be a dancer in a Broadway musical.

Audrey, what’s one thing Lauren doesn’t know about you?

Audrey: I generally talk Lauren’s ear off about every mundane thought that passes through my mind so she knows a lot, but recently I noticed she wasn’t aware of the tattoos on my left bicep.


Tell us about this mythical-sounding sleepover you had for The Wing’s launch. The guest list sounded dreamy (Glossier’s Emily Weiss, Last Week Tonight writer Juli Weiner and model and trans activist Hari Nef were just a few of the over 100 women who attended). Tell us how it came together..

Audrey: We loved the idea of sanctifying the new space with an adult sleepover. It was not easy to pull off, but it turned out to be an incredibly special experience where a ton of women formed new friendships in the space. My 79-year-old grandmother, Arlene, was one of the attendees—she can basically sleep anywhere—and served as sort of a fairy godmother of the event.


How do you plan a killer all-gal bash?

Audrey + Lauren:

Step 1: Consult the experts. We love Amy Sedaris’s book I Like You: Hospitality Under the Influence.

Step 2: Food. Throwing a potluck is always fun so everyone can bring something they make uniquely well. [MDW note: Does our specialty, tortilla chips and salsa, qualify?]

Step 3: Activities. Seasons 1–3 of Sex and the City or Absolutely Fabulous should do the trick.

OK, this definitely sounds like a party we want to attend. Thank you ladies.

Speaking of bashes we want to attend, our Gal Pal Val(entine’s) Party is happening in all stores tomorrow. Bring your gal pals to shop (including our brand-new intimates collection!), make custom valentines and enjoy sips and snacks. RSVP now and we’ll see you there.