This week: a guide for unplugging on your next getaway, culinary horoscopes and how to make good on your Marie Kondo aspirations (plus more).

Work family: A new study says people discount how important having fun at a job is when taking a new position—and yet, it matters so very much, via Science of Us.

Digital detox: How to take a phone-free vacation—and maintain some of those habits well after you get back, via Well+Good.

Astrology: After you’ve combed Susan Miller and the Astro Twins, take a peek at a different kind of monthly prognosis, your food horoscope, via Lucky Peach.

Eek: The world’s scariest bridges—shout out to number 6 (five miles long!), via Travel + Leisure.

Cooking hack: Sub your olive oil for this healthier mix of oils and of-the-moment spice turmeric, via My Domaine.

KonMari: A little how-to for storing your clothes to take up minimal space. (Love the tip about storing your underwear in light of our recent intimates launch), via goop.

Word: cafuné (v.; Brazilian Portuguese): to run your fingers sweetly through someone you love’s hair.

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Photography by Jen Trahan.