Tees Tête-à-Tête: 3 Duos Take Our “How Well Do You Know Each Other” Challenge


Some may argue that what you like in a tee says a lot about who you are. OK, we may argue this, but hear us out. It’s likely that you and your closest gal pal have different criteria when choosing a T-shirt while also sharing a like-mindedness on some points as well. It’s these nuances in taste that often extend beyond the sartorial and make two people so perfectly complementary. So we decided to explore this idea via three of our favorite duos—two pairs of sisters and one couple—and had them play a little game we call “Tees Tête-à-Tête.” They each answered the same questions and guessed how the other might respond. They discovered some stuff they didn’t even know about the other—and in turn revealed even more to us.



Twins with a passion for art (Cassi) and yoga (Nicolette).

They like their tees…supersoft with just a bit of slouch.

Madewell: Style crush?

Cassi: Bianca Jagger. [Nicolette guessed “Chinese Empress Ma of Ming Dynasty.”]

Nicolette: Viviana Volpicella and Angelo Gallamini. [Cassi guessed “Sade.”]

Madewell: Fill in the blank…

Cassi: If I could live anywhere else in the world it would be Zanzibar. [Nicolette guessed “somewhere in the Indian Ocean, perhaps Zanzibar.” (Nailed it.)]

Nicolette: If I could live anywhere else in the world it would be a Greek island. [Cassi guessed “Bali.”]

Final score: Cassi, 1; Nicolette, 0. (But honestly, who’s counting?)



French sisters and handbag designers.

They like their tees…long sleeved and striped.

Madewell: Style crush?

Margot: Charlotte Gainsbourg. [Camille guessed “Alexa Chung.”]

Camille: Charlotte Gainsbourg for her musical talents and class. Louise Bourgoin, as well, for her offbeat humor, heart and beauty. [Margot guessed “Brigitte Bardot in the ’60s.”]

Madewell: Fill in the blank…

Margot: My kids always make me laugh. [Camille guessed “I always make her laugh—ha!”]

Camille: My little brother, Alexis, always makes me laugh. [Margot guessed “her sister and her brother.” (Match point.)]

Final score: Margot, 0; Camille, 1. (Winners, both.)



Real-life couple who met at our very own offices.

They like their tees…sleek with some stretch.

Madewell: Style crush?

Zoe: Mitchell Belk. [Kealy guessed “well-dressed men on the street wearing navy or black.”]

Kealy: Veneda Budny. [Zoe guessed “Sierra Prescott.” (MDW note: That’d be our style crush. Actually, she was even an #everydaymadewell gal.)]

Madewell: Fill in the blank…

Zoe: When I’m in a hurry, I always grab a pair of Vans and a hat. [Kealy guessed “a hat and skateboard.” (Half point for getting the hat part right.)]

Kealy: When I’m in a hurry, I always grab a denim jacket and my bike. [Zoe guessed “phone and lime La Croix.”]

Final score:  Zoe, .5; Kealy, 0. (Though we’re calling them both triumphant, obvs.)

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