The One-Line Album Review: Harmonies for a Rainy Day

You can talk about music all you want, but at a certain point, you just want to hear it. On that note, literally, we asked our in-house music expert Lindsey to recommend something we should be listening to right now—in one sentence or less.

The album:

The Dove & the Wolf’s I Don’t Know What to Feel

The review:

“The French duo’s new EP blends the atmospherics of Explosions in the Sky with the melodies of The Sundays and features vocal harmonies so pure you’d think singers Lou and Paloma were sister (when in fact, they’re just bffs).”

Where to get it.

Where to see them.

What to wear when you play it:

Your favorite tee (bonus points if you twin with a friend).

What else you should be listening to:

A few of the band’s French faves.