A million catfish, five different versions of the same shoe, 200 bright yellow flowers…our dreamy trip to Rajasthan—all the way across the globe—by the numbers.

1 million: Our approximation of how many catfish were swimming in the legendary lake of Gadsisar the day we visited—so many they were literally on top of one another (and maybe three layers deep when clamoring for a stray piece of bread or food).


48: The number of inches a marigold plant, one of India’s most omnipresent flowers, can grow (but there’s an enormous range, some only reach a mere six inches). Marigolds hold a special, spiritual place in Hindu culture, symbolizing passion and creativity.


2: Rows of eyelashes on a camel’s eyelids (they’ve got a double layer of protection to keep the desert dust at bay). This one here? He visited us at our campsite in Jodhpur and might be the toughest animal we’ve ever come across—he chomped down on the thorny bramble nearby like it was a chopped salad.


8: Bandanas strung up as flags at our campsite at the Samsara Tent Resort. (And kept our hair out of our faces while shooting during the day. Maybe the most useful accessories ever.)


3 (possibly 4): The amount of times we rolled down that dune to get this shot. We were all in white, a traditional outfit of the region.


Countless (though maybe around 200?): marigolds strung together by our superstar prop stylist Brian on set. 


5: The number of colors our new Leila Sandal comes in (because you’re gonna need more than one pair). We brought every shade with us.

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