How to: Summon Spring Break Vibes (Sans an Actual Beach)

One of life’s cruelest clichés is that you rarely appreciate something fully until it’s gone. Even more cruel is the fact that, in this case, knowledge is not power: If someone tells you to “appreciate this while you have it,” that does nothing to heighten your enjoyment of the moment. Take spring break, for instance. If you, like us, are stuck in a still-chilly spot that’s showing minimal signs of spring, this is for you. Or if you’re somewhere warm but still going through your usual daily grind, this is for you too. Because don’t we all deserve a little reprieve-slash-reward for making it through winter? Our team shared their tips for channeling some of those chill vibes, even if spring break is a thing of the past, from sensory deprivation to smelling like the beach (in a good way).

“Usually I travel far and wide to truly unplug, but this weekend I tried a sensory deprivation experience at Lift—you float weightless in a tub filled with Epsom salt and are left only with your thoughts. I initially worried that I wouldn’t last the recommended hour, but once I felt my body weight drift away, I was hooked. It was as if I was worlds away but actually I was only a few subway stops from my apartment.” —Ellie

“Throw a themed dinner party—Mexican! Cuban!—that reminds you of your favorite trip. Crank up the heat, put on some vinyl, make margaritas.” —Caroline

“I’ll add beach-specific sunscreen (read: smells like Banana Boat) to my normal lotion so I occasionally get a whiff of the beach. (Face SPF 365 days a year though, obviously.) Also, I’ll just soak up whatever sun I can, even if that means standing on the brighter side of the street.” —Jess

“Treating myself to a bright mani/pedi, wearing flip flops, getting a pile of fashion and gossip magazines and spending the day flipping through them while sipping a frozen watermelon margarita does not require a beach.” —Marcy

“I’d try to make a day of spending time with friends doing something we don’t always do together: visiting a new museum, having cocktails on a rooftop, picnicking somewhere if the weather allows or—best of all—hitting the road for a day trip or weekend getaway.” —Meghan

“My ‘fake spring break’ involves going to the flower market, buying a few monstera leaf stems and maybe a protea or two and sticking ’em in vases throughout my apartment.” —Mia

Whether you’re faking a getaway or actually getting away, there is one more truth: You’re gonna need some new spring clothes. Shop our latest here.