Noticed: Stripes on Stripes

If we, say, held a contest for “warm weather’s official pattern” and we were the betting type, our money would be on stripes. It’s a humble, basic graphic that doesn’t require too much finesse to get right and channels all the things you want to be doing once the sun starts shining regularly: hanging beachside (maybe even on a boat), strolling the Seine in Paris, drinking a soft drink out of the back of a pickup, [insert other iconic warm-weather activity here and likely the idea of wearing stripes will seem entirely apropos]. So the look that’s been catching our eyes this season isn’t the stripe itself—no, that would be too obvious—it’s the pairing of stripes, particularly horizontal with vertical varieties.

While stripes fall into the foolproof-failsafe-effortless-can’t-go-wrong category, there’s something about the pairing of them that takes a classic look and turns it on its head. It becomes intentional, intriguing, unexpected. Choosing stripes within the same color family (our favorite is, not surprisingly, blue) keeps the whole thing from going into “Wow. You paired your stripes, huh?” territory and more into “You look amazing” territory. The combo we can’t seem to get enough of? Navy stripes over chambray ones (bonus points for choosing hues that are slightly faded for a more relaxed, casual vibe).

Go forth, refresh your stripe collection and start your pairings—it’s spring after all (can we get a heck yes?).

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