How To: Style Denim for Spring & Summer

You don’t need us to tell you that denim is a 365 thing and maybe even a 24/7 thing because we have actually been known to fall asleep in it (though we probably don’t recommend it). But despite its perennial appeal, there are some things that can peg a pair of jeans to a specific season, and when it comes to summer, that’s where a lot of the fun lies. Contrasting panels, exaggerated silhouettes, exposed hardware…the pieces that have been catching our eyes incorporate a sense of whimsy and F-U-N because, well, summer. Allow us to explain how we’ve noticed these warm-weather blues being worn.

Simplicity is the key, mostly because it’s probably hot and you don’t have the energy to fuss. Luckily, these pieces do most of the heavy lifting so you don’t have to think too much about how to pull yourself together. Take contrasting denim—since the jeans make a statement, you don’t need to work too hard to say anything else. A simple T-shirt and a pair of sandals do the trick. In the case of an oversized denim jacket, well, it lends just the right counterpoint to something light and breezy worn underneath and provides just enough style oomph to not have to worry about accessorizing (save for some fun pins).

White denim—a go-to year-round but in the summer really moves into “iconic” territory—is particularly cool with a little visible hardware. Exposed buttons in the front lend just a bit of a vintage vibe, and when they’re paired with an heirloom-esque embroidered blouse, the look feels throwback in a lovely “seen many sunny days” way. And after all, isn’t endless summer the whole point?

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