Hey Mama: Celebrating Our Mothers in Pics and Stories

It’s frequently mentioned that every day should be Mother’s Day, not just one Sunday in May (psst, it’s on the 14th this year, in case you need the reminder). Of course, mamas, papas—family, in general—should be appreciated daily and an errant bouquet of flowers on a regular old Monday never hurts. But we will say that the predictability of an annual homage to motherhood is quite lovely, regardless. So we turned to our team, some are moms themselves, and asked them to share pics and stories with us. Warning: The cuteness factor could be considered unbearable.

“This was taken during me and my twin’s 3rd birthday. We were celebrating in my Grammy and Grampy’s backyard and for some reason I was upset (I’m the one hiding in my mother’s arms). From my mom, ‘Maybe you were upset because [your twin] Lizzie blew out her candle before you. That seems plausible. Eventually you came around and blew out your candles.’ My mom had four kids—Lizzie and I were the youngest. She was taking care of us and had just finished law school. She was pretty amazing at balancing her family while taking care of us and eventually becoming a lawyer/partner at the law firm.” —Kitty, daughter of Maggie“This picture was taken last summer at the end of July in the North Fork [of Long Island, New York] at Goldsmith’s Inlet Park. Just a great summer day, it felt like we were on vacation [even though it was just the weekend] and there’s nothing like a good squeeze with your kids to make the day even better.” —Alice, mother of India and Sol

“I was on maternity leave and was forever tucked into the corner of my couch breastfeeding. Funny because babies grow so fast and [my daughter] Gioia doesn’t even really look like that anymore. I love that picture, I just love her attitude. I always think she looks like ‘Hey, you talking to me?’” —Pippa, mother of Gioia

“This was on our way to [my daughter, Poppy’s] cousin’s birthday party in Brooklyn this past fall. We were starting to need the layers. I love being able to dress her, and I often end up in a somewhat coordinating outfit—both of us in clogs! She’s a huge clog lover, as am I. This was a time when she didn’t fight me on her outfits (it has since changed) and I was having fun with it. We went to a two-year-old birthday party, danced, played and ate.” —Joyce, mother of Poppy

“This is in Tahoe with my mom. She said I insisted we take the photos, but I have a feeling she had a hand in the art direction. The apple doesn’t fall far from the tree, I guess!” —Jen [Ed. note: Jen is an art director on our team, so.], daughter of Kathy

“This was Halloween! I was Posh Spice and my mother was me, I think? I know I had a crew of Spice Girls and I’m pretty sure some of the other parents wore costumes too. Which was mortifying, obviously.” —Jess, daughter of Maryann

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