Magazine spreads of ’90s supermodels, French New Wave movies you’ve watched a million times—vintage looks are always helpful for current wardrobe inspiration. Lately we’ve been looking to a less likely style icon: dads. In the ’80s. Yep, you read that right. Just hear us out.

Sporty throwback pieces, like a crewneck tee or sweatshirt with a retro graphic, not only look like they were found in the back of Dad’s closet but work well for this stretch of it’s-getting-there-but-it’s-not-quite-summer weather. They also pair with anything from high-waisted shorts on warmer days to straight-leg jeans for cooler temps. To make the whole look really sing (Steely Dan tunes probably, if we’re talking dads), embrace menswear-ish accessories like an oversized leather watch and scrunched-up white socks with classic Vans or Adidas sneaks. It feels a little unexpected, nostalgic without being too dated and effortlessly cool, just like the old man himself.

Instead of actually raiding his closet, check out our newest arrivals here (including the Club Petanque tee & sweatshirt featured above) to give the whole sporty-throwback thing a try.