This week: why its okay to not travel light, screen savers from the early aughts are haunting us, good news for daydreamers and more.

Pack it in: Get into vacay mode with this ode to overstuffing your suitcase, via ManRepeller.

Nostalgia-thon: Remember the endless brick wall that formerly adorned our desktops? An in-depth meditation on what some consider the lost joys of the screen saver, according to The Paris Review.

Cloudy-side up: The “cloud egg” trend that’s constantly being ’grammed at brunches actually has a storied 400-year-old past, says NPR.

Dare to dream: Daydreaming as a scientifically proven instant stress reliever, via Well + Good.

Get out there: If you’ll be in NYC this summer, check out this handy map of the best public art installations on view, courtesy of Curbed.

No garden, no problem: Make a tiny space feel like a green oasis with these ideas for outdoors and in—nope, you don’t even need a balcony, from ApartmentTherapy.

Word: retrouvailles (n.; French): the happiness of reuniting with someone you love after a long time apart.

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Photography by Angi Welsch.