It’s no secret—we’re beach people. So naturally we teamed up with the Surfrider Foundation this summer, wanting to learn more about the important work they do to protect and preserve our oceans. Fellow beach person and Surfrider team member Staley Prom chatted with us about showing our coastlines more love.

Tell us a little about yourself. Has the beach always been a big part of your life?

Well I’m a nature lover, born and raised in Florida, now living in Los Angeles. On the weekends, I’m at the beach or somewhere outside exercising or relaxing. We were blessed with beautiful beaches and waterways in Jacksonville. It’s kind of impossible to grow up there and not be a beach person—so yeah, it’s been a huge part of my life.

What do you do at the Surfrider Foundation?

As a staff attorney, I work on in-house counsel projects and provide legal support to more than 80 chapters around the U.S.—on issues from protecting public beach access to advocating against single-use plastic pollution to protecting natural coastal resources like sand and clean water.

On that note, could you explain some of Surfrider’s values?

Yes! Surfrider focuses on five core initiatives: beach access, coastal preservation, ocean protection, clean water and preventing marine plastic pollution.

OK so for those of us who don’t work at Surfrider, what can we do to help preserve our beaches?

With over 80 volunteer-led chapters and school clubs across the country, there are lots of ways to get involved. I encourage folks to find their nearest chapter on our website to learn more about beach cleanups and events. There’s also opportunities like planting an Ocean Friendly Garden, encouraging restaurants to join our Ocean Friendly Restaurants program and engaging with local officials on issues that impact our ocean, waves and beaches.

As for individual actions, we can stop using plastic straws (remember to order drinks without them!) or other single-use plastic and styrofoam items, which end up littering our beaches and waterways. We can conserve water and use ocean-friendly landscaping. I also recommend checking out Surfrider’s Take Action page, which has dozens of opportunities to contact officials on issues across the U.S.

Feeling inspired? You can find even more useful Surfrider info here. Plus, stock up on our Madewell x Surfrider Foundation tees, sunnies & tote made in support of their wave-saving mission here.