In Defense of the High-Rise Boyjean

In Defense of the High-Rise Boyjean
an essay by Meredith Chamberlain

I’m loyal to a high waist. The right pair has the power to make me stand up straight, hold myself more confidently. It’s something about the core, the gut, an intuition thing. As a woman, they work in my favor, serve as a reminder of my inner strength. I zip up, button, and my instincts kick in.

Marry a high rise with the laid-back nature of a boyjean and I’m smitten, they’re in the cart. It’s that look of unscripted road trips and dusty desert nights. Of ’70s Steinem and Cher. And I can’t resist. They’re a style with a casual power, a knowing freedom. They’re meant to pair with summer’s most precarious plans.

They’re also meant to pair with like-minded pieces. I wear mine with a boxy crop top, flat sandals, my hair loose. Or an oversized sweater with a slight tuck. Or clogs and a silk top. Relaxed from the hip on, my legs get a break, and when paired with an airy top and simple shoes, so does everything else. In our age of overstimulation, it’s an enticing silhouette. Waist-as-hero, and the rest fades into the background.

Do you ever dream about your jeans? Is there a pair you wear to all your reveries?

Here’s mine: I’m slouching in the porch chair, one leg on the railing, glass of something cool in hand, eyes on the light, and I’m in high-rise boyjeans.

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Meredith Chamberlain is a writer and copywriter living in Los Angeles.