This week: road-trip snacks, a rockstar style muse, ugly-cute is “a thing” and more.

Mind you: Tips for staying in the moment and truly enjoying a getaway—in the latest installment of a mindfulness series from the New York Times.

All the things: Is calling something—like a relationship or “an established phenomenon”—a thing actually a thing? Yep, sure is, according to the Oxford English Dictionary. Get the whole thing straight over at Quartz.

On the road: Take rest stop food off the itinerary and whip up some DIY snacks to bring on your next road trip, thanks to Bustle.

Have a think: But first, lose the phone. The science behind why keeping your phone in a separate room is necessary for full brainpower, from Inc.

She’s like a rainbow: Why the late, great Anita Pallenberg (aka the woman behind the Rolling Stones’ inimitable style) was so much more than Keith Richards’s girlfriend, via NPR.

Word: busakawa (n.; Japanese): the contradiction of something being ugly and cute at the same time.

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Photography by Angi Welsch.