We got a little nosy and took a peek inside the bags of our friends around the office—and we definitely weren’t disappointed. From Hello Kitty measuring tape to holographic Band-Aids, here’s what we found.

In copy genius Mia’s Small Transport Crossbody:

– Leather pouch (that she uses as a wallet “full of saved receipts, membership cards and postage stamps”)
Fujifilm disposable camera
– Mini notebook (adorned with a cat sticker) and mechanical pencil
– Reading glasses, plus a case
– House and car keys
– Holographic Band-Aids (“I love anything that sparkles”)
– A multipurpose balm for lips, hands, etc.
– Clear teeth aligners and their case (“finally addressing my overbite”)
– Baggu tote bag (“fits groceries and library books”)
– One work phone and one “play” phone

In graphic design guru Theo’s Canvas Foldover Backpack:

– Pair of sneaks (his commuter shoes—he changes ’em at the office)
– Headphones
– Notebook of passing thoughts & random doodles
– Photo cutouts for our Instagram planning board
– Extra gum (“’Cause I’m extra,” Theo explains.)
– Tide pen
– Jean jacket
– Mouse (the computer kind, “yep, I bring my own—superpicky about devices”)
– Granola bars

In our bag design (!) whiz Nichole’s Simple Crossbody:

Smith’s Rosebud salve
– Travel-size deodorant
– Apartment keys
– E-book (“currently reading Mrs. Dalloway by Virginia Woolf”)
– Phone and charger
– Card case
– Sunglasses (“I love my Indio shades”)
– Sketchbook and favorite felt tip pen
– Post-it notes
– Leather swatches (“always thinking of the next addition to our Transport fam”)
– Measuring tape (Hello Kitty measuring tape, to be exact)

In styling expert Pippa’s Transport Tote:

– Earbuds
– Flip-flops (“Only if I’m getting a pedi!”)
– Lip gloss
– Hairspray
– A book for herself and her daughter
– Sports bra (hi, supermom)
– Hand sanitizer
– Beach toys (“summer + small child = this”)
– On-the-go snacks
– Hot sauce
– Grooming tape and safety pins (for styling emergencies)

We showed you what’s in our bags, wanna show us what’s in yours? Shop these and the rest of our carry-every-day styles here—then personalize them at select stores during our Monogram-athon parties.