We don’t use the word “magic” lightly. Allow us to explain just three of the million reasons why we can’t get enough of our jeans with Magic Pockets in front.

They’re just plain flat-ter-ing.

Our design team engineered each part of our Magic Pockets to smooth you out and lift you up. The dream fabric, construction and pattern combo lets you look amazing and breathe easy all day long.

They’re comfortable. Like really comfortable.

Thanks to the right amount of stretch you can do practically anything in these jeans: run to catch a train, start an impromptu dance party or hey, even get your sun salutation on if the mood strikes. 

They’re a tucked-in tee’s best friend.

With a supersleek high rise and an extra layer of holds-you-in sorcery, they’ll play well with pretty much everything in your wardrobe. Go ahead and tuck in your button-down, sweater, whatever—you’ve got nothing to hide.

There you have it, friends—denim magic is real. Slip on a pair and get ready to take on the world.

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