Head-turning, eye-catching, traffic-stopping—the styles we want to wear right now are also the epitome of artful effortlessness.

Whether it’s a bit of western flair on a button-up, a bright mix of blooms on a smocked peasant dress or a homespun creation on the back pocket of a well-loved pair of vintage shorts, we’re all about embroidered pieces. And when colorful needlework meets our favorite fabric, well, we can’t help but swoon.


There’s a lot to love about embellished denim, but the way a little (or more than a little) skillful stitching can elevate a classic style to showstopper status tops our list. Need to add some oomph to a jeans-and-tee combo (in under 30 seconds)? Throw on an embroidered denim jacket. Layer your favorite stripes under an embroidered chambray shirt and voilà: instant mix master. We consider it the laid-back shortcut to a wardrobe refresh—and it’s perfect for right now.

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