Or should we say behind the seams? (Sorry, had to). Get the inside info on what’s new with our jeans this season straight from the magic-makers themselves—our denim design team.


What did you have in mind when designing new fits this fall?

Definitely a mix of vintage and technology. We’re always trying to recreate a well-worn-in look and we’re constantly making the most of the fabric technologies our premium mills have to offer.

Speaking of denim tech, what’s up with our latest black jeans?

Well, they’ll actually stay black longer than ever! It’s all thanks to the fade-resistant dye we’re using on our newest pairs.

Seems like our skinnies have gotten some upgrades. Anything in particular we should be extra excited about?

Detailed hems! Chewed hems, clean-cut hems, let-down hems, asymmetrical hems, step hems—we really got creative with the treatments we’re using this season.


For all the nonbelievers: What makes our wide-leg styles extra flattering?

The high rise for a sleek, smooth look. On top of that, they’re fitted just enough around the hip, not too wide at the leg opening, and the inseam is right at that sweet spot, which looks good on all kinds of shapes.

And for the mamas—what’s new with maternity jeans?

Our adjustable stretch insert fabric is now even softer—it’s made to keep moms-to-be feeling comfy and looking great as they grow.

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