In Defense of Staying In on Weekends
an essay by Verena von Pfetten

There’s a certain kind of pressure to summer weekends. The sticky heat, oppressively good weather and long days made even longer by laissez-faire Friday hours and an influx of out-of-office receipts. It all combines to create a steady thrum of expectation: make the most of this. Go outside. Do something fun!


I like to make a ritual of my hibernation. I pick outfits for each of my indoor activities—roomy overalls and soft sweaters, mostly, but still—and stage my living room accordingly, with lighting done just-so and earthy, scented candles. I might start the morning in my armchair, coffee and crossword in hand, before making my way to the couch, the bed, the dining table and back—exploring the nooks and company-only seating areas of my apartment that might otherwise go months without being touched.


Try it this weekend. Stay in. Invite a friend over if you’re craving human contact. Read, make a ’zine, order takeout for breakfast and cook yourself a three-course dinner from scratch. Or just lay prostrate on your couch, thumbing idly through your phone until day turns to night. The weekend is yours both to savor and to waste. And when Monday rolls around and your coworkers ask what you did over the weekend, you can just smile and say, “Nothing.”

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Verena von Pfetten is a writer who lives in Red Hook, Brooklyn.