We’re superexcited to introduce our Beauty Cabinet—a selection of tried-and-true products, curated by us, that fall in the sweet spot between low maintenance and treat yourself. To celebrate the launch, we had Team Madewell test out some essentials from the collection—oh, and they modeled for us too, NBD.

170914_MWSM_NovBeauty_100.jpgBrooke, marketing genius

Go-to beauty routine: I like to focus on being really good to my skin so I can go easy on makeup, which only takes me five minutes to apply.

New favorite product: French Girl™ Lip Polish

Why she loves it: It’s easy to use, smells heavenly and tastes delicious! Wonderful preparation for an evening of kisses.


170914_MWSM_NovBeauty_195_insta.jpgDana, knits design guru

Go-to beauty routine: I keep it simple: a face wash, toner, serum and lotion with SPF are in my regular rotation. I also love an exfoliating clay mask.

New favorite product: Vitruvi™ Face & Body Mist

Why she loves it: This smells amazing—so crisp! I always use a lavender spray around my pillows before I go to sleep, so this is great for waking up and freshening my room in the morning. I keep one at work for a midday spritz too.


170914_MWSM_NovBeauty_015_insta.jpgBetony, copy connoisseur

Go-to beauty routine: I wash and condition my hair nightly with the cheapest products, then sleep on it wet. As for my skin, I’m shifting from generic drugstore moisturizer to way too many Korean skin care products (some involving snails).

New favorite product: Olio E Osso® No. 3

Why she loves it: I swear that I was born with dry lips. Like parched-all-year-round, can’t-go-a-minute-without-moisturizing kind of dry. So this balm is the business—it has simple ingredients, a subtle grapefruit scent and a sheer color that looks all, “Oh, I don’t even wear makeup.”


170914_MWSM_NovBeauty_230_insta.jpgLindsey, music/visual expert

Go-to beauty routine: Simplicity is key for my lazy behind! I wake up, wash my face, exfoliate, throw on some lightly tinted moisturizer with SPF and hit the road.

New favorite product: Herbivore Botanicals® Sea Mist

Why she loves it: I was born and raised in Florida, so my hair welcomes humidity. This spray is like the ocean in a bottle. Beachy texture and coastal vibes, 24/7.


170914_MWSM_NovBeauty_310_insta.jpgOlivia, store communications whiz

Go-to beauty routine: Curl cream, body oil, face moisturizer, bronzing powder and mascara, plus the occasional red lip. Hair and makeup takes about 10 minutes, though to be fair, I have curly hair so I don’t even own a blow dryer!

New favorite product: RMS Beauty® Lip2Cheek

Why she loves it: I don’t like to spend a lot of time on makeup, so anything two-in-one is right up my alley. This product does just enough to highlight my cheekbones or give my lips a little pop.


170914_MWSM_NovBeauty_371_insta.jpgPhoebe, merch master slash the one pictured up top, in the tub

Go-to beauty routine: At night, I shower and leave my hair unbrushed. In the morning, I like to use a rosewater spray and face oil, then dab a little concealer under my eyes. I also use a brow gel and maybe mascara if it’s a special occasion!

New favorite product: Daughter of the Land® Balancing Oil

Why she loves it: This oil is amazing! All of the ingredients are organic, so I feel good about putting it on my skin. Also the smell…so, so nice. It truly moisturizes me, whereas a lot of lotions and other oils seem to dry me out.

Now let’s get ready together. Peek inside our Beauty Cabinet.