We’re longtime admirers of stylist and founder Karin Bereson’s NYC-based label, No.6, both for its vintage-meets-right-now aesthetic and impressive selection of prints. So we took that admiration and turned it into a collection—teaming up on an exclusive capsule of party-ready dresses and jumpsuits based on the line’s most-loved pieces (special archival prints included). For Karin’s expert tips on adding edge to feminine pieces, dressing for the holidays without overdoing it and feeling confident in whatever you’re wearing, read on.


We love how your pieces have such a feminine, vintage vibe. Any advice for how to style them if you want to add a tomboy twist?

I think that pairing a feminine dress with a tomboyish style, like a classic oxford, instantly adds a more modern feel. Another tip is to try a boyish blazer or cardigan for that French gamine touch.

So, it’s getting to be holiday party season. What’re some suggestions for creating a look that feels festive—but not too, y’know, holiday?

Big earrings, always. Also, try a pretty sock with a heavy platform to help diffuse the holiday vibe. It’s almost like a ’40s-meets-’70s look.


For us in New York, wearing a dress or a jumpsuit out in the winter definitely requires some layers. What do you recommend wearing over or under if you wanna be cozy but still look cute?

I’m a firm believer that you can never layer too much! Start with a skinny or sheer long-sleeve tee under a jumpsuit and then throw on a big cardigan or menswear-inspired pullover. The balance of something fitted under and slouchy over always looks great. Plus, it’s cozy!

Part of what’s so exciting about this collection is that we’re reissuing some of your most-loved archival prints. Got any pattern-mixing tips?

I love pattern mixing, but there needs to be a common thread. When you’re mixing any two prints, use varying sizes from one print to the next, or make sure there’s a similar color palette or accent in both. Mixing checks and florals usually works well. 

With all your experience in the biz, have you found a styling mantra that you return to over and over again?

I don’t really have a mantra—I just believe in trusting your instincts. Whether or not someone else likes what you’re wearing shouldn’t matter, if you feel good in it you’ll look good in it. Fashion should be fun, enjoy it!

Well said, Karin. Now, let’s get dressed (!). Shop our exclusive No.6 capsule collection here.