This week: why doing good does you good, Broad City meets modern art, fortune-cookie prizes and more.

It’s all good: Now may be the season to give back more, but doing well should be a year-round thing. In addition to helping people, acts of generosity are scientifically proven to be great for your health, according to the New York Times.

Broad interests: The slightly more subdued half of everyone’s favorite BFF duo, Abbi Jacobson of Broad City fame, takes audio-visual to a new level with her podcast about modern art. Listen to all 10 episodes of “A Piece of Work” on MoMA’s site.

The time is ripe: So, apparently avocado anxiety (the “palpable sense of worry over whether or not an avocado is over- or underripe”) is a thing. Find out more about this millennial fear over at Extra Crispy.

App happy: Hosting Thanksgiving at your place this year? Delicious slash easy appetizer ideas right this way, thanks to Domino.

Chillest Black Friday ever: On November 19th, Madewell Insiders have exclusive access to our in-store pre–Black Friday sale so they can shop extra early and score special gifts with every purchase. Then on November 24th, aka actual Black Friday, everyone has a chance to get lucky as we hand out fortune cookies filled with ~mystery prizes~. Sign up to be an Insider if you haven’t yet and find your nearest store here.

Word: pålegg (n.; Norwegian): a nonspecific descriptor for anything you might put in a sandwich. Lookin’ at you, T-day leftovers.

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