Since they’re experts in all things fashion-y, fun and super-relatable, we couldn’t wait to have the team at Man Repeller take our denim for a test-drive—and as you’ll see in this video, they were totally up for the challenge. Check out the serious(ly funny) results above, then get to know the leading ladies below.


Leandra Medine, Founder

WHY SHE <3s OUR JEANS: The price, fit (when I am not imprisoned by the requirement to wear maternity pants) and robust variety of washes.

GO-TO OUTFIT(S): If it’s a weekend: leggings, a striped long-sleeve T-shirt, a fancy jacket, red socks and sneakers. If it’s a weekday: high-waist straight-leg jeans, a white T-shirt, a black blazer and novelty shoes.

LATEST BEST INTERNET FIND: This incredible photographer/art director @hisuzanne.


Nikki Bent, Director of Ad Operations and Product

WHY SHE CHOSE THE PAIR SHE’S WEARING: I love wearing high-waist stretchy jeans for biking.

GO-TO OUTFIT: A pair of high-risers and a wool sweater.



Harling Ross, Fashion Editor

WHY SHE <3s OUR JEANS: The silhouettes are timeless—I’ve had the same pairs of Madewell jeans for five years and I still love them just as much as when I first bought them. They’re comfortable, which is rare for high-waist denim (no red marks on my stomach!!!).

GO-TO OUTFIT: Overalls and a white blouse.

LATEST BEST INTERNET FIND: I started following the artist Kindah Khalidy on Instagram. Her paintings are supercolorful and make me very happy.


Patty Carnevale, Head of Partnerships 

WHY SHE CHOSE THE PAIR SHE’S WEARING: They are soooo comfy and supportive in all the right places. It’s kind of like the experience of being outside on a sunny, breezy day. I don’t notice whether I’m hot or cold, it just feels good.

GO-TO OUTFIT: Cotton top, high-waist jeans, boots or sneakers, air-dried hair and some fun earrings. Maybe a blazer if it’s that kind of day.

LATEST BEST INTERNET FIND: I just re-listened to Erica Williams Simon’s podcast interview of Tarana Burke on The Call. It’s a must-hear conversation.


Haley Nahman, Digital Editor 

WHY SHE <3s OUR JEANS: I always poke into Madewell when I’ve grown tired of my stiff vintage jeans (which I love but aren’t necessarily objectively “flattering”). I hem and haw in the dressing room, not because none of them fit, but because all of them do, and I can never decide which ones I want more.

GO-TO OUTFIT: Since it’s winter, definitely belted high-waist jeans with a turtleneck layered under a sweater, both tucked in. Add a beanie, loafers with socks and a long coat.

LATEST BEST INTERNET FIND: While I love the Internet, lately I feel most creative when I stop looking at my phone and make an effort to be present and be in touch with the world. A good immersive novel or a thoughtfully made film (preferably mumblecore) can help me see the world in new ways.


Jasmin Aujla, Senior Partnerships Strategist

WHY SHE CHOSE THE PAIR SHE’S WEARING: Because they have a superhigh rise but still allow me to eat cake.

GO-TO OUTFIT: High-waist white jeans, a chunky sweater (either cream or black) and loafers.

LATEST BEST INTERNET FIND: Man Repeller was recently tagged in this photo of a group who met in the comments on Man Repeller and then organized a meet-up in London. It made me so happy!

Thanks for all the insight and Insta recs, Man Repeller friends (!). Inspired to shop? Check out our latest denim and more new arrivals.