It’s here, it’s here (!). Our curvy fit has arrived. We took classic skinnies with smoothing Magic Pockets in front and reengineered them for women with an hourglass shape—translation: if you have a booty, these jeans are for you. We chatted with our denim design expert, Aubrey, about how this style came to be and why she can’t wait for people to try ’em.

How excited are you about the Curvy High-Rise Skinny Jeans launch?

I’m especially excited because I’m a curvy customer! I have a hard time finding jeans that don’t gap in the back, so this is a personal win for me.

Tell us a bit about what the design process was like.

The process was very similar to how we approach any new style. We started with our signature skinny fit and made some strategic tweaks to the pattern. After that, a few pairs were made for us to wear test. I tried them myself and spent a good deal of time talking to the hourglass ladies in our office, getting feedback on what they’d want in a curvy jean. 

Talk about firsthand knowledge. So what makes this new style extra flattering?

There are a couple of things that make it perfect for someone with curves. First, it’s extra long in both the front and back rises, to make sure they’ll fit you in exactly the right spots.

Second, we used a contoured waistband. Typically, jeans are constructed with a straight waistband, meaning there’s usually a big ol’ gap at the back of the waist on hourglass shapes. But we’ve closed that gap by having a curved waistband instead!

And what do you hope for customers to feel when they try the jeans for the first time?

I hope they feel like these jeans are giving their curves a hug.

Excited yet? Get your own pair of curvy-fit jeans right here.