With the ease of a slipper and the put-togetherness of a pump, a good pair of mules is a wardrobe game changer. There are few other options that strike the polished-yet-comfortable balance so well, and it’s no wonder that statement-making ladies from Egyptian queens to movie stars were known to own a pair or two. Thanks to an extra layer of padding, our new mules feel even more cushy but still look just as sleek. And now we present a very specific—and admittedly silly—list of fancy-slash-comfy things to do in your fancy-slash-comfy mules.

1. Eat caviar from a crystal glass—while seated on a beanbag chair. 

Best part? Afterwards you can easily kick off your slip-ons, curl up and take a nap.

2. Attend the opera—wearing pajamas.

With a monocle and heeled mules you’ll fit right in.

3. Mingle in the stands of a polo match—listening to a meditation app.

Just smile and nod if anyone tries to talk to you. They’re probably complimenting your shoes.

4. Engage in an in-depth philosophical discussion—next to a warm, crackling fire.

To mule or not to mule? That is (never) the question.

5. Charter a private yacht—and invite a crew of cuddly puppies.

Just make sure none of ’em have a shoe-chewing habit.

OK, so some of these things may be more doable than others—point is, in these mules, the world is your oyster. Want more? Shop our full shoe collection here.