Maybe you’re an everyday nurse like Diana Prince by day and a golden-lasso-wielding Wonder Woman by night. Maybe your usually-chipper-self has a dark side that appears when you feel hangry. Or maybe you’re “the quiet one” whose inner pop star comes alive with a karaoke mic in hand. Alter egos come in many different forms—and in this case, yours just might be carrying one of our ready-for-anything canvas bags. Read on to find out which one will have you switching up your usual style.


You: can’t travel anywhere without an overstuffed rolling suitcase

Your alter ego carries: the streamlined Transport Weekender

Traveling with this rugged-cool weekender, you won’t need five extra outfit options because your alter ego is a frequent flier who has the versatile vacay wardrobe that goes seamlessly from coffee to cocktails and fits easily inside a just-spacious-enough bag. As your expert-packer other half, you always answer “yes” to a spontaneous road trip. Bonus points for calling shotgun.


You: “carry” your keys/phone/wallet in your pockets

Your alter ego carries: the roomy Medium Transport Tote

Everyone has that friend that’ll hand you dental floss when there’s a spinach-in-the-teeth situation or cover your parking meter because they actually have change. By carrying this tote, you can be that friend whose superpower is always having a stash of extra snacks. You might already be the ultimate pal but add a bag with extra pockets that hold all the essentials and you’re a next-level-prepared BFF.


You: prefer a TV binge-watch sesh on the couch

Your alter ego carries: the outdoorsy Somerset Backpack

Indoor activities might seem more your speed, but sling this backpack over your shoulder and boom, like magic, you’re ready to hike a scenic trail or explore city streets. This new side of you has a permanent case of cabin fever and a sense of style that leans more toward the “ath” in “athleisure.” Just leave your bag by the front door so all you have to do is toss in a water bottle, cinch the leather drawstring and go.

Go ahead, give the new you a try. Want more? Shop our full collection here.