This week: rainbow-hued photos from Mexico City, a complicated love letter to New Jersey, tips for making running not suck and more.

Paradise city: Pack your bags—you’ll wanna buy a one-way ticket to Mexico City after you see it through the lens of architectural photographer Eric Petschek. Pink dreamscapes and lots of plants await at Sight Unseen.

Who’s the Boss?: Writer Toniann Fernandez’s account of searching for Springsteen (and finding her New Jersey pride) is all about home, authenticity and good old rock ’n’ roll. Read it at The Paris Review.

Uniquely New York: Two cardboard boxes of forgotten slides from 1978 reveal a beautiful slice of summertime in NYC, via the New York Times.

Run don’t walk: Always wanted to be the kind of person who actually enjoys a jog? This easy-to-follow beginner’s guide features everything from training schedule ideas to fun gear suggestions, courtesy of Into the Gloss.

Force of habit: Meet a zero-waste devotee, the oldest bodybuilder in the world and an artist who can’t get enough blue in these interviews with dedicated women on their uncommon routines, thanks to Man Repeller.

Word: Feierabend (n.; German): quitting time at the end of a long work day. Happy weekend, everyone.

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