Make Yourself (Very) At Home


Some vacations are more about an overly ambitious itinerary and less about where you lay your head at night. Our version of the ultimate pre-spring escape involves staying at houses so special that time proves to be best spent indoors (all the better for curling up in cozy lounge-worthy looks). For your consideration…

The Barn, Tivoli, NY
About two hours from Manhattan, this over-100-year-old barn comes complete with a wood-burning stove for the snowy months and a creek-front deck for making summer memories. Bonus not-found-in-the-city luxuries: a clawfoot tub, a piano and absolute, pure silence.

Phoenix Earthship, Taos, NM
The otherworldly charm that is New Mexico is well-represented by this unique, sustainable abode made of recycled materials. Its not-so-usual perks bring the great outdoors in—think a fireplace with a waterfall, a conservatory of air-purifying plants and, just in case you want to catch dinner from the comfort of your dining chair(!), a fish pond.

itHouse, Pioneertown, CA
If you’re looking to really unplug as well as unwind, then an off-grid itHouse near Joshua Tree is for you. There’s no television or Wi-Fi at this remotely located home. Instead, floor-to-ceiling glass walls provide all the eye candy you could possibly want: that incredibly mesmerizing, barren desert landscape.

The Schwartz House, Two Rivers, WI
Ever wish you could spend the night in a Frank Lloyd Wright creation? Well, the Bernard Schwartz House in Wisconsin can make that modern-design fantasy come to life. Built of brick and red cypress in 1939, this historic house boasts a custom sofa with built-in bookshelves, signature ornamental windows and plenty of streaming natural light, among other Instagram-worthy details.