Musical Muses: Au Revoir Simone

by Kendall Meade (Madewell)

It’s no secret that we have a long-standing love for this Brooklyn-based keyboard-playing trio. Over the years, we’ve roped them into everything from contributing to our monthly newsletter to spinning records at our Soho store. Since they’re so clever and cool, we couldn’t wait to see how they’d put a wintry spin on our Legging Jeans.

Annie (left) is wearing our Snowfall Sweater and Lumbercheck Tunic Shirt. Erika (center) is wearing our Birmingham Pullover and Burnished Bolt Bangle. Heather (right) is wearing our Houndstooth Gallery Hop Coat and Shrunken Corduroy Boyshirt.

It’s the holidays, after all, so we asked them to share a few of their favorite holiday gifts—to give and to get. And in case you’re wondering how they got that band name, here’s a behind-the-scenes video that explains it all.